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Looking to sell your home? Or are you a do-it-yourselfer and need a vision? Exterior Staging might be the service for you – not a full scale landscape design…just some advice and a picture of potential. Curb appeal is crucial. Studies show that potential home buyers decide whether or not they like a house within the first 9 seconds of seeing the home.

Statistics have proven that homes that have an attractive, well-designed landscape typically sell more quickly and for a higher price than homes that do not have one. Exterior Staging is a simple and efficient consultation service that can help any home owner increase the value of his or her home by incorporating a wide variety of landscape and architectural design techniques.

Schedule a design consultation appointment today, and we can help you create a first impression that will make your home stand apart from all of the other homes on the market.

“SquareRoot was instrumental in refining our landscape for a community Back Yard Tour. With their input, we were able to add the extra touches of plantings and color needed to spruce up our yard. I have also used SquareRoot’s help in providing a vision for my real estate clients. I had one listing where I was dealing with a seller’s home with a very narrow backyard. With the use of SquareRoot’s design, we could show potential buyers how they could put the space to the best use. This visual design helped put my client into Escrow and sell his home at an enhanced price.”

Faye C.


“Recently I engaged SquareRoot Landscape Group to design and execute a complete makeover of the front lawn and side area of our home. The entire experience, from start to finish, was nothing short of amazing.

The construction process was stress-free and completed within the agreed-upon time frame of three weeks. This was the source of my greatest satisfaction, and true to their promise, SquareRoot delivered a project which transformed the look of my property. I would not hesitate to work with SquareRoot again, and to recommend them enthusiastically to others.”