Garden Care

Protecting Your Investment for Continued Enjoyment

It makes little sense to neglect an investment you’ve just spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on. It makes almost as little sense to hand the keys of your maintenance services to some ‘mow and blow’ company that has little knowledge of each specific plant’s needs or the original design intent.

As the exclusive designers and builders of each of our projects, we feel we’re the most qualified to handle the ongoing care as well. So much so that your first year of maintenance services is on us. For that entire time, the survival of all plants are guaranteed, no questions asked.

Once you’ve experienced what professional, knowledgeable landscape maintenance services look like, we’re confident you’ll never settle for anything less.

So we’re able to concentrate on our exclusive, long-term clients, we only offer maintenance services to clients whose projects we’ve also designed and built from the beginning.

Typical landscape maintenance activities include:

  • lawn mowing
  • weed removal and organic debris disposal
  • mulch placement and replenishment
  • pruning and dead-heading
  • light tree trimming
  • irrigation repair and seasonal adjustments
  • drain clearing and repair
  • low-volt lighting repair and seasonal adjustments
  • seasonal plant and lawn fertilization

Additional services available:

  • seasonal lighting and trim installation and tear-down
  • seasonal planting (annuals, pots, vegetables)