Let the games begin..

Let the games begin..

..And so, here we are, finally bringing you all of our words of wit and wisdom from in and around the landscape design industry, and beyond. We hope you get as much out of these posts as we’ve attempted to put in. And we hope you have a good time along the way.

With lots of advice and inspiration from my new buddy, Jason Markow, of think (here) media, I’m finally getting this blog off the proverbial ground.

Although, Jason recently stated that I should skip this whole ‘Welcome to my stupid blog’ effort, and even justified the sentiment very nicely in a recent post of his own. However, I still feel compelled nevertheless to at least introduce this channel and give him BIG UPS for helping to (implicitly) create this monster.

This blog will mostly be about landscaping, landscape design, landscape architecture (believe me, there IS a difference, and we’ll touch on that in a later installment here.), landscape construction and project management, landscape maintenance, veggie gardening, and the various events, techniques, technologies, materials and machines that control these interrelated industries.

But, from time to time, we’ll go out on some limbs to entertain, humor and/or educate you on unrelated topics of our interest, and hopefully yours too.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

(oh, and welcome to our stupid blog too.)

See you soon..

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